Prime Messaging Server

Do more with less

Gone are the days of maintaining siloed messaging solutions. Prime’s consolidated messaging platform brings together all your messaging and VAS components in one space optimising resource sharing and utilisation, simplifying the management of messaging elements and reducing Operational Expenditure.

Be in control!

Operators can realise immense savings by selecting only the required messaging modules which can be tightly integrated to existing messaging infrastructure. This helps with controlling upfront investments and minimising financial barriers to operational and network growth.

Dont be a slave to complicated license schemes

Conventional license schemes are a pain point for operators since multiple licenses have to be purchased and managed which impacts operational use and upfront investments. Prime’s universal license is a common license applicable to any Prime messaging module, which can eliminate the difficulty in managing multiple licenses while reducing CapEx on license.

You paid for it so why not be in control

The investment operators made for a solution won’t be static. Customer usage and behaviours change rapidly with the newest trends. With the true meaning of universal licensing Wavenet offers total control to the operator to fluidly adapt their licensing schemes to the dynamically changing traffic requirements of network.

Business as usual

We got your back. Prime’s fully clustered architecture ensures service uptime and reliability so that your customers and your operations teams can rest easy

Rich feature set

Prime offers operators a rich feature set which can be utilised for any of their messaging requirements. Our messaging modules and functionalities have been developed using open standards for tighter integrations, high scalability and high availability.

  • SMSC – The SMSC is responsible for receiving,storing and forwarding short messages in the mobile network. It supports Mobile Originating (MO), Mobile Terminating (MT) & Application Originated and Terminating text messaging. The system is reliable and performance wise stable in handling millions of SMS traffic daily.
  • MMSC- To make Wavenet Prime a more complete messaging solution the addition of MMSC was in-build on to the product. The capability to handle Multimedia messages will give an upper hand to the operators, when it comes to competition and customer satisfaction. This allows to widen the use of messaging to increase opportunities for the operators with less investment.
  • First Delivery Attempt (FDA) Router – Now days the rate of success for a SMS to be delivered is more than 90 % and the need for storing a SMS in the SMSC isn’t a must. With FDA the messages are directly delivered to subscribers in the first attempt reducing the hardware requirement and increasing service efficiency.
  • Short Message Point to Point (SMPP)Gateway – SMPP router serves as the entity which routes messages between one or more ESMEs. These EMSEs can be SMSCs or external applications and the operator will have the added flexibility and control to use multiple routing criteria to handle traffic over the network.
  • SMS Hub – Prime SMS Hub is a SMS aggregator that facilitates routing of inter operator messaging traffic. With Prime SMS Hub, operators no longer need to deal with maintaining complex inter operator agreements for efficient routing of messaging traffic amongst international operators.
  • SMS Firewall + VAS – Prime Firewall offers impenetrable security against many types of messaging threats such as Spamming (Known, Signature & Chain SMS), GT Scanning, MO Spoofing, MT faking and Flooding.

Our value added services include personalised services such as parental control, sms copying, sms divert, sms forwarding, creating and managing blacklists and whitelists, sms advertising for wider and more profitable application of your messaging modules.

  • USSD Gateway – The inbuilt USSD gateway can be used to facilitate the operator with the ability to handle USSD responses. The USSD services can be either push or pulled as and when the requirement presents itself. USSD services are one of the leading methods of reliable communication between applications and clients. This is widely used between operators and subscriber communication and is an essential service for all operators.