Meet Compliance Requirements

Strengthen your compliance program by making users a key part of your strategy. Our solutions are used by police forces to help them comply with regulations and standards

Promote Security Awareness

Promote a culture of security by prompting users to stop, think, and consider the sensitivity and value of the information they are creating and handling. We make users aware of their responsibilities when handling sensitive information, helping to align end user behaviour with security policy.

Prevent Data Loss

Identify and protect sensitive information. As users handle email and documents, we enforce corporate policy and provide targeted, interactive education so that security becomes everyone’s responsibility.

Protect PII

Identify and protect the private information of police force personnel and citizens, including health information, National Identification Numbers and other PII stored in email and documents. As users handle sensitive information, we provide real-time alerts to prevent privacy violations and increase user accountability for proper information handling.

Reduce Mobile Risks

Mitigate the risks of mobile information sharing by extending the benefits of classification to your mobile workforce. Our Classification for Mobile applies classification, prevents data loss, and controls document sharing, so that your users can work securely from desktop to mobile device.

Share Information Securely

Balance information sharing with information protection so that your organization can collaborate with other police forces, legal counsel and citizens with confidence. Our data classification and policy enforcement provide the foundation to enable secure collaboration from desktop to mobile device.

Detect Insider Threats

Identify insider threats and monitor the effectiveness of compliance and security policies by analysing how your users interact with sensitive information. As users work with email, documents and files, Our logs meaningful activities for detailed reporting, analytics, and threat detection.