Info ID

A Module Based Architecture designed for ‘Department of Registration of Persons’ to handle registrations of persons & Issue an unique national identity card for every citizen.

Key Features of InfoID

  • Facility to scan application and supporting documents
  • Ability to use scan images in the IC processing workflows
  • Learning library transliterates to native languages
  • Facility to print IC's in multiple languages
  • Workflow is capable of managing various business rules
  • Ability to forward applications to higher authorities for special approval
  • One day service workflow engine has the capacity to issues IC's in 3 hours
  • Letter Printing facility with envelop printing &ability to track delivery
  • Dashboards give real time snapshots of the operation
  • Integrated with Payment module with facility to charge different fees depending on the business case
  • Distribute IC Registration through Branch office automation
  • Ability to print digital signatures on the IC card