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The escalation of security breaches involving PII has contributed to the loss of millions of records over the past number of years. Breaches involving PII can harm both individuals and organizations due to identity theft, loss of public trust, legal liability or remediation costs.

  • Identify your PII through marking and metadata tagging
  • Educate and build awareness of the organization’s PII among employees, contractors, and partners
  • Select the appropriate controls to protect PII

Identify Sensitive Data

Identify data at the time of creation, so that your organization can make intelligent, deliberate decisions on how that information is handled. With support for automated, system-suggested, or user-driven classification, organizations can easily identify the sensitivity of government information.

Comply with Marking Standards

Easily comply with government marking standards such as the Fijian Government Email Protective Marking Standard, Fijian Government Security Classifications. From desktop to mobile device, we enable the application of government-compliant markings to email and documents.

Prevent Data Loss

Protect sensitive data related to citizen privacy, public safety, and national security. From interactive policy warnings on the desktop and mobile devices, to automated encryption and RMS, we help your organization gain control over its unstructured data and manage the insider threat.

Protect PII

Identify and protect personal data stored in unstructured information, including National ID Card Numbers, health information, and credit card numbers. Our solutions help organizations comply with privacy-related regulations to protect PII, PHI, PCI and all forms of personal data.

Share Information Securely

Balance information sharing with information protection, so that your organization can collaborate with employees, partners, and citizens with confidence. Our data classification and policy enforcement provide the foundation to enable secure collaboration from desktop to mobile device.

Detect Insider Threats

Identify insider threats and monitor the effectiveness of compliance and security policies by analysing how your users interact with sensitive information. As users work with email, documents and files, our logs meaningful activities for detailed reporting, analytics, and threat detection.