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Healthcare Information Protection

The healthcare industry operates under rigorous data privacy requirements that mandate this information to be protected and remain private at all times. These regulations pose a significant challenge because, in the course of providing treatment and processing claims, a patient’s PHI, PII, and even Payment Card Industry information (PCI) must be exchanged with multiple different parties.

Extending beyond immediate patient care are the research and development organizations, such as biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device manufacturers whose intellectual property (IP) fuel next-generation advances in all aspects of healthcare. Just one breach of a patentable innovation could cost an organization millions in lost research and revenue.

Identify PHI and Personal Data

Combine user-driven classification and automated content scanning to identify protected health information (PHI) and personal data in email and documents. By identifying PHI and personal information in unstructured data, your organization can make intelligent, deliberate decisions on how that information should be protected.

Prevent Data Loss

Identify and protect sensitive information such as Protected Health Information (PHI), Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Intellectual Property (IP). As users handle email and documents, our enforces corporate policy and provides targeted, interactive education so that security becomes everyone’s responsibility.

Promote Security Awareness

Maintain your competitive advantage by preventing the unauthorized disclosure of intellectual property. As users handle email and documents, our enforce security policy and provides targeted, interactive education so that users are accountable for protecting sensitive business information.

Reduce Mobile Risks

Mitigate the risks of mobile information sharing by extending the benefits of classification to your mobile workforce. Our Classification for Mobile applies classification, prevents data loss, and controls document sharing, so that your users can work securely from desktop to mobile device.

Share Information with Confidence

Enable your workforce to confidently share information while complying with government and industry regulations. Our solutions are used by organizations to comply with regulations and various government marking standards.

Optimize Encryption and Other Security Solutions

Use data classification to help security solutions recognize and protect your sensitive information. As a front-end to encryption, DLP and other security solutions, we identify sensitive data so that your security team can optimize security policy, and focus on the highest-risk areas.