Fusion Studio

Limitless imagination brought to life

Pre-configured modules allowing to create complex call flow services quickly and efficiently. Ranging from basic simple functionalities of prompt playing to complex advance operations with logical automation.

Time is money

The service call flows can be created within a fraction of the time taken by traditional development methods by employing the drag and drop functionality. This is incredibly vital in gaining a competitive advantage by being able to quickly deploy the services and reducing the time taken to market.

Never write a line of code again

Fusion studio simplifies the subscriber service creation process by eliminating the need to code at every step of a call flow. The building blocks of pre configured modules empower users to design call flows by dragging and dropping modules to build a service flow of their choosing.

Create once deploy many times

A single service call flow can be deployed via IVR, USSD and SMS* helping to engage with subscribers through a wider range of interaction channels.

Reach more customers

Provide customers with choice and a consistent user experience so that they can interact with you in their preferred medium ensuring that you have maximum reach across your customer base.

Access without boundaries

Speak in the language of your customer with multilingual and multi character support. Provide a consistent experience to visually and hearing impaired customers by providing the same experience across IVR and USSD/SMS channels.

Powerful, actionable analytics

The fusion studio comes with a powerful service analysis environment that provides real-time answers to key business, operational and application design questions. It provides a unified view across all your self-service communication channels – IVR, SMS, USSD and can integrate with your existing business intelligence tools to bring you the power to offer even more personalized interactions.

Know your customer, serve them better

Visualise your data and gain actionable insights into your consumer behaviour and needs which will help you to render tailor made services to your diverse subscriber base.